Year 3 go to Blackpool Zoo!

Hello everyone!

Last Friday, Year 3 went to Blackpool Zoo for the day as part of our topic, Predator. There were lots of fantastic things for us to see and do there, including Sea Lion shows and dentistry classes. Here’s what some of our Year 3 children had to say:

“I learnt a lotĀ about nutrition and dentition with different animals. My favourite part of the trip was looking at different animal skulls and discovering why they are so different.” – Alex, 3P

“My favourite animal was the penguin because they were just SO cute!” – Kyle, 3W

“On the trip, I discovered that a sea lions’ teeth are black because they eat lots of oily fish that sticks to their teeth. I found it strangeĀ that this was a sign of a healthy diet!” – Mikey, 3P

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