Year 2 drama

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Some of the children in Year 2 showed fantastic drama skills last week as they acted out parts of the story of ‘The Highway Rat’ by Julia Donaldson. They had to get into character as the dastardly Rat as well as imagine what the other characters might say to the Rat as part of a conscience alley. Great ideas all round Year 2. Well done!

Fantastic Fact Files

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Year 3 have spent a lot of time and worked really hard researching and writing a fact file about the Sabre Toothed Tiger in English lessons. Here are some of our final drafts that we created so they look like real pages of a non fiction book. Some of the children even went down to Year 2 to teach some younger children about what they had learnt! Well done to all of the children 🙂 

Amazing Roman Villas!

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A huge well done to all the children who made some fantastic Roman Villas at home!  They all look amazing and the hard work that has gone into them all is brilliant.  Thank you to all parents or carers who helped their children making them.  It must have taken ages and I am so impressed!

Thanks again for this brilliant work, it is lovely to see the children so proud of their villas!


Mr O’Connor

Purple Mash

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Year 1 have been learning how to log onto the laptops using our own user names and passwords. We had to find the Purple Mash icon and could then create some wonderful pictures.


Times Tables Champions!

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All year, the children have been working hard to learn their times tables and they have done really well! As you can see from our times tables displays, many of the children have climbed through the different challenge levels and have really enjoyed it. Children – please continue to practise over the holidays, and parents please encourage them to do so! They have worked really hard and it would be a shame for them to forget them all and have to start again in September! Well done Year 3 🙂

Year 3 go to Blackpool Zoo!

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Hello everyone!

Last Friday, Year 3 went to Blackpool Zoo for the day as part of our topic, Predator. There were lots of fantastic things for us to see and do there, including Sea Lion shows and dentistry classes. Here’s what some of our Year 3 children had to say:

“I learnt a lot about nutrition and dentition with different animals. My favourite part of the trip was looking at different animal skulls and discovering why they are so different.” – Alex, 3P

“My favourite animal was the penguin because they were just SO cute!” – Kyle, 3W

“On the trip, I discovered that a sea lions’ teeth are black because they eat lots of oily fish that sticks to their teeth. I found it strange that this was a sign of a healthy diet!” – Mikey, 3P

Year 4 Spanish Day!

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Year 4 had a great time today learning about Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.  We started off learning a bit about the geography and culture of Spain.  After that we looked at the tomato festival where people throw tomatoes at each other in a Spanish town for an hour.  All the children said that they would like to go some day!

We were also lucky enough to have a man from Peru come in and tell us about his country.  He brought in some traditional Peruvian clothes for the children to wear and instruments for them to play.  One of the instruments was a donkey’s jaw bone!

We spent the afternoon learning about Spanish artist Picasso and the children drew pictures in his style.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as the children enjoyed taking part!


Mr O